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Dumbing of Age

  Saturday, September 4, 2010  

Dumbing of Age



©2009 David Willis


Joyce & Walky! subscriptions are on hiatus. Or, well, uh, have been since probably, like, March.

See how stridenly I strive to keep you all informed.

I do intend to finish it, and not, like, end everything with a text story where everyone becomes lesbians. But this will have to wait until Shortpacked!'s current storyline is over so I can take a small break from it so I can crank out the rest of the wedding. And then end this strip forever.

In the meantime, enjoy Dumbing of Age.

Don't hesitate to email me with any questions or bursts of outrage.

UPDATE: You can buy months again.


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Walky's still missing, and everyone's out looking for him! And we do mean everyone, including certain toy store employees.

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Opening Night
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